The Best Quality

The Original Coffee Tree


Yemeni coffee, known globally as one of the best types of original coffee, was one of the first places where coffee beans were cultivated. It has its own distinct characteristics that set it apart from other coffee beans. Its name is derived from the region of Khawlan ibn 'Amir in Yemen, which was the primary location for cultivating this coffee. It is situated in northern Yemen towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is considered the most important source of Khawlani coffee in the world. This is what distinguishes Khawlani coffee from other types of coffee—it can only be grown under specific conditions and requires special care to maintain high quality. The unique taste of this coffee is its most notable feature compared to any other type of coffee. It also has a well-known and distinct aroma. The farmers of Khawlan in Yemen were the first to cultivate this coffee in the world, and therefore its components cannot be changed because it has a unique flavor compared to other types of coffee, whether Arabica or otherwise.